TITLE: Jeckerson SS/2010 / AGENCY: BUERO NY / CLIENT: Jeckerson / Fashion Films

features Paul Sculfor and Missy a sunny, mediterranean setting.

TITLE: Jeckerson FW/2009 / AGENCY: BUERO NY / CLIENT: Jeckerson / Fashion Films

we set out to capture an evocative performance by models Elise Crombez and Nico Malleville creating an elegant journey where picture and music merge in rythmic poetry.

TITLE: Exposure Promo - Lisa Marie / CLIENT: SCI FI Channel / TV Promo

starring actress Lisa Marie (star of such Tim Burton features as "Ed Wood" and "Mars Attacks" ) booting through a number of comic book/science fiction scenes.

TITLE: Jeckerson FW/2010 / AGENCY: BUERO NY / CLIENT: Jeckerson / Fashion Film

a stylish B/W Campaign Image Spot and a "Behind the Scenes" promo of the Campaign Photo Shootfor the Fall/Winter 2010 Campaign forItalian Fashion Brand Jeckerson.

TITLE: Painkiller Jane / CLIENT: SCI FI Channel / TV Promo

Runway fashion meets hollywood action.


"Peace Love & Juicy Couture" is the second spot we created for the Fall/Winter 2010 Season. The spot features the new Fragrance by Juicy Couture.

TITLE: SHOwtime Channel ID 08 / CLIENT: SHOwtime / TV Promo

We designed the titles and tags for two celebrity-driven HD promos for Showtime's original programming. Enhancing the cinematic look and dynamic editing style, our approach was to create an organic style of partial blurs and chromatic aberration, simulating a Telecine look of film ramping through the film gate revealing the individual frame borders.

TITLE: Redbull - MOTUS LUX LUCIS / CLIENT: Redbull / Short Film

We were one of 13 Filmmakers commissioned to create a 90 second Redbull short film themed "The Can". Our contribution is an abstract, rhythmic film, exploring the can and its content through reflections, moving lights, mirrors and extreme macro shots.

TITLE: JUICY COUTURE SS/2011 / AGENCY: BUERO NY / CLIENT: Juicy Couture / Fashion Film

Inspired by the 1970s romantic and free spirit era, we shaped behind the Scenes Footage captured during the Steven Meisel Photo Campaign shoot.

TITLE: JUICY COUTURE FW/2010 / AGENCY: BUERO NY / CLIENT: Juicy Couture / Fashion Film

TITLE: ARTISTRY - Time Defiance /  CLIENT: Artistry / Cosmetics Film

Image film for the AMWAY skin care cosmetic brand "Artistry".

TITLE: House of the Dead 2 / CLIENT: SCI FI Channel / TV Promo

we had lots of fun shooting blood splatters and models turning into zombies for the Sci Fi Channel Promo of "House of the Dead 2".

TITLE: Android Apocalypse / CLIENT: SCI FI Channel / TV Promo

"MAN" versus "MACHINE" in our Promo for the Sci Fi Channel feature "ANDROID APOCALYPSE"

TITLE: SHOwtime Channel ID 09 / CLIENT: SHOwtime / TV Promo

Light and Dark. Up and Down. Good and Evil. The Showtime Image 2008 Campaign is a dynamic blend of live action and typography.We designed an info screen style to introduce the multitude of show titles and to contrast the organic cinematic shots of the Showtime Stars.

TITLE: The L Word / CLIENT: SHOwtime / TV Series Promo

a series of Promos, IDs and overall graphic branding, showcasing the exciting cast in glamourously stylized scenes, incorporating key typographically designed messages to reflect the show's essence.

TITLE: SCI FI ME 99 / CLIENT: SCI FI Channel / TV  Channel ID

a series of 5 Promos that where part of the re-design effort for the Sci Fi Channel in 1999.

GOLD, Silver, Bronze @ BDA Awards 2000


A futuristic imagining of narcissistic duplication by industrial means. our interpretation of the notion "Future Beautiful" for the Exhibition TEKKO 03.

GOLD @ BDA Awards 2005

TITLE: RETINA / Short Film

Violet Suk and Martin Koch explore aesthetic archetypes of cyberpunk with the backdrop of a large, sprawling metropolis, neon & smoke and the reconfiguration of the human body through machines that culminates in a choreographed, mechanical ballet of man and machine.

TITLE: Oxyde Noir - Photon

Music Video

life, death, rebirth.

TITLE: Oxyde Noir - Alabaster

Music Video

TITLE: Academy Shorts / CLIENT: Atom Television

Show Open

TITLE: Exposure / CLIENT:Sci Fi Channel

Show Open for the Short Film Show “EXPOSURE”.

TITLE: Calvin Klein - Crave / CLIENT: Calvin Klein / Washington Square Films

Brand Film

TITLE: Black Star Power / CLIENT: BET

Channel ID

TITLE: SHE TV / CLIENT: Global Japan

Station ID

TITLE: Tour de Gorge / CLIENT: INdemand HD

Show Open

Fast Food meets Busby Berkeley.

TITLE: Scinema Saturday / CLIENT:Sci Fi Channel

Channel Promo

TITLE: Helmut Lang SS2007 / Client: Helmut Lang / Agency: Buero New York

Web Brand Spots

TITLE: Shadows

Reel Open

TITLE: Jennifer Lopez - VH1/VOGUE Fashion Awards

Client: VH1

Live Event Open

TITLE: MILLY Fall / Winter 2014

Fashion Film


Title Design


Film Trailer Title Design